The Second Episode of Gunspell is released


We are happy to announce that the Second Episode of the popular game Gunspell is available for most platforms! Grab your smartphones and tablets, go to the store and download a great upgrade!

In addition to continuing adventures of your favorite characters, you also will get numerous improvements made by your comments. All for you, our dear players! Play with pleasure! Отличные порно фото на ero-pix.net!


Facebook: vk.cc/3689Tr
Google Play: vk.cc/21iIuz
App Store: vk.cc/2UGcad
Windows 8: vk.cc/2OcjHF
Windows Phone: bit.ly/1pyV2Fl
Amazon: http://vk.cc/2Ocrgo

We are sorry, but users of Apple devices will get an update some later. This is because the update is still being tested in the AppStore. We will declare separately when the update for iOS will also be available.