Tank ON 2 – Jeep Hunter

A top-down mobile action game

Crush, kill and destroy enemy tanks! Defend your base! Be a hero!

Tank ON 2 is a 3D sequel to the popular defender game with tanks and guns! Protect your base from waves of enemies! Control the turret which moves in front of your base, and can fire with different weapons of your choosing. The turret is protected by a force field so it can ‘catch’ enemy projectiles, preventing the damage to the base.

Use special weapons and buildings:

  • Minigun
  • Rocket launcher
  • Tesla-gun
  • Orbital Ion Cannon
  • Energy Reactor, and others!

For every enemy destroyed you get silver coins, and gold coins for the completing of missions, and protecting your base. Spend the coins between missions to upgrade weapons and base! Earn rewards for various achievements!

The game is available for free on Google Play.

Facebook page — facebook.com/tankon2game