Codex of Victory – Update #4 is here!


It was a huge update! We spent a lot of time on it and now it is out. Bang!

Main spotlights:
• Saves! Now you can save and load manually from the Main Menu, Base and Strategic Map (But not while in combat)
• New planet! There is now a map of the solar system. Players can fight enemies on EIonia, the moon of planet Scyfia. Sadly, there is no atmosphere there, so forget about helicopters.
• New missions! We’ve added three missions to the 2nd Act of the campaign. And as a bonus – in the 1st Act there is a new mission when the spy satellite locates players base.
• Several new units of the vile and sneaky Augments. Be aware of them!

PS: Old saves should work, but it is better to play the game from the start. If you do not have the game still – there is a Demo version out..
New updates should come soon!



Full Change List

• Hacking – some Augments can capture enemy automated units (i.e. all units except heroes and Augments).
• Stun – some Augments can stun enemies with their abilities.
• Added global effects to missions: for example, movement special rules.
• Moon landscape preset.
• Game Balance: Ward effect now works only every other turn.
• Four new missions.
• Four new Augment units.
• Augments’ Base.
• Another flight movement type – Antigrav.
• Player base in most missions in now a dropship.
• Assault Helicopter now receive a pop-up attack on certain upgrade level.
• Lord Lionhart’s mech in tutorial is blue. No more confusion for new players!
• Fixed drone movement animation over mountains.
• Fixed Scorpion’s auras not deleted after his death.
• Fixed CTD on player base destroyed.
• Fixed the bug with a player’s defeat on base destruction.

Strategic Mode
• Game Saves. Including GUI.
• Planetary System Map.
• Mission rewards revised.
• New music in Intro.
• Music in dialogs.

• Added missing room icons.
• Reworked lightmaps in all rooms.
• New feature – Unit disassembly.

• Added tooltips on most GUI elements.
• Added hints on units and their abilities.
• New Main Menu.
• Enemy unit banners now show if units moved or attacked.
• Unit icons are now shown in proper colors in different windows and panels.

• Default army reworked.
• Fixed couple of disconnect reasons for MP.
• More readable error messages in connection screen.
• Fixed top screen panel animations in MP battle.

Other Fixes
• Fixed CTD when creating a new game.
• updated to Unity 5.4
• Fixed CTD on pressing Esc.
• Sounds for different landscape presets and maps were added.