Codex of Victory is coming soon to Steam Early Access


The Ino-Co Plus company (makers of Warlock, Majesty 2 and Elven Legacy) is preparing to publish Codex of Victory — a new turn-based wargame — in Early Access on Steam soon.
It is a Sci-Fi-themed game which has battles for control over distant planets, giant robots and tanks, the opposition of galactic aristocracy clans, conspiracies, betrayal, and heroism.
Human Kingdom rules over two dozen Earth-like planets, that are divided between Lords and Barons, to rule and defend.
But it is your turn now to get the power!
In this strategy wargame you will have to claim a frontier planet that will soon be the key point in the never-ending war with Augments (half-human, half-computer race).
By building your underground base you will be able to produce units, customize your army and field a reasonable force to make everyone who oppose you suffer!

Add Codex of Victory to wishlist on Steam! http://store.steampowered.com/app/464100

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