About Us

— We make great games for PC and mobile platforms —

Ino-Co Plus is a company that develops games for multiple platforms, from PC and Web, to modern mobile devices.

Core team consists of professionals with over 15 years of experience in game development. The portfolio has such successful projects as: Majesty 2, Elven Legacy, Warlock, Warlock 2, Gunspell, and more.

The Ino-Co team was always inspired to make games which would be enjoyable for the developers themselves. That’s why our games are made with heart and attention to detail, which definitely always attracts players’ attention, and we hope that it will attract attention in the future.

Our official social pages:

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YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/InoCoPlus

Twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/inocoplus

Support (PC games): support@ino-co.com

Support (mobile games): support@akpublish.com

General questions: official@ino-co.com

Public relations: PR@ino-co.com

Legal information:

Ino-Co Plus OOO
TIN (INN) 2310138644
TRC (KPP) 231001001
Address: 45 Moskovskaya st., Krasnodar, 350042, Russian Federation