10 years since release of Star Wolves


Today it is 10 years (OMG!) since the release of Star Wolves – the cult game developed by the X-Bow Software, and published by 1C. The game is a blend of space strategy and RPG implicated on the plot brewed from policy, and confrontations of corporates, military forces and pirates. The game was created by the same people who later formed the core team of Ino-Co game studio that gave the world such projects as “Fantasy War”, “Elven Legacy”, “Majesty 2″ and “Warlock” series.

The sequel to “Star Wolves” was made by another team that did not quite manage to keep the spirit of the original. Yet a great team of enthusiasts from Elite Games site soon raised the falling banner of SW again. At first, they create a free add-on named “Heritage of Empire,” and then developed “Star Wolves 3 – Civil War”, the game which actually became the true sequel that fans were waiting for.

Star-Wolves-10_ years